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Hieronder vind je de support afhandeling in het Engels:

There have been some problems with some systems where the video is set to slow motion in playback. We have localized this to the PCM audio codec that is default when you have specified in your Change Device settings that you want to use Audio and Video when you capture. We recommend the following:

1.      If you do not want audio in your analyze (or need) then configure the system to video only. This will save space on your disk
2.      If you want audio and video use a one of the following two audio codecs;
a.      IMA ADPCM
b.      Microsoft ADPCM


There have been problems with some computers to upgrade to the new object versions because settings in the Microsoft security administration in XP.
The problem can be seen as a lot of error messages from the system.
You can fix this problem to download and expand one of these zip packets into the folder C:\program files\Interplay-sports 

For Interplay ver: 1.7.2003.11411 newObject.zip
For Interplay ver less than 1.7.2003.11411 OldObject.zip

Click and run and then expand to your Interplay folder.

DOWNLOAD EXE file only for bug fix and minor updates, select the ANALYZER EXE FILES menu


Interplay-sports software is designed for the Microsoft .Net platform and the  Windows XP operating system. The reason for this is the video capabilities build into the XP operating system. We do not recommend or give SUPPORT on operating system older than Windows XP.


Interplay-sports software is developed using the Microsoft .net platform. So in order for you to successfully use our programs you need to have .net framework installed on your computer. The .net framework is an extension to your current operating system and a part of Microsofts next OS expecting to be on the market some time in 2006.


DirectX9 can cause flicker in the video clips. You can see the flicker as black lines and saw blade figures and especially with fast movements in the video picture. 

DirectX 8 has a better performance with some screen cards and hard disk drives.
To replace DirectX9 with DirectX8 can solve the problem with the flicker and bad picture.

Open (Run) the UninstallDX9.exe (6.1 Mb)
When the file is downloaded, click Run again and then click the button Unzip (at the top of the window). You have then
unzipped the files to default location C:\DX9_Uninstall
First, read the rest of the instructions before you restart.

You have to restart your computer in safe mode.
Press your F8 key during the start-up procedure and select “Safe mode” in the menu that appears.
(If you do not see the menu, you have to restart again and press F8 earlier in the start-up process)
Open My Computer, go to local disk (C:)
Then go to C:\DX9_Uninstall folder and double-click the file DirectXUninstall.exe.

Start the procedure, and the program will replace all files.
After the program has finished, then restart your computer, and you have replaced the DirectX9 with DirectX8.

Hopefully your flicker is gone with this process.


Please, install the last Microsoft Windows Media Codecs for WMF files


IMPORTANT ABOUT new Service packs for XP (SP2) and Framework (SP1)

The .NET service pack 1 (SP1) and the XP service pack SP2 has build in some new security features that can make problems for existing Interplay customers.

Click at Interop.IpCsMail.dll and SAVE the file into your application folder. 
You will normally find your application folder in C:\program files\Interplay-sports

Save the file into the Interplay folder and replace existing file. Then restart the system.

If you still have problems, please contact us.